Friday, December 18, 2009

Random List

1. I almost have my Christmas card ready to mail. Better late than never, right?

2. A few weeks ago, Aidan asked Santa for "a real live man to kick the football and then I can run and get it". Hmmm... maybe we should play with him a little more.

3. We had amazingly fun plans to take a train ride on a "REAL" polar express- a real train ride, you get hot cocoa and meet Santa, etc. It was scheduled for tomorrow, and all of us were pretty excited. Until today we found out a blizzard is predicted, the roads are closed, and there is no train ride. The kids are SO sad, and so are we, and now we have to come up with something "just as fun".... yea right.

4. I was working so hard these past few months to get everything done early so I could just enjoy myself the last 2 weeks and not worry about anything. It didn't work- I have WAY too much to get done, and I work and work until 11 pm almost every night.

5. I went to Abigail's school party today. I just love going there. The kids are so fun, and cute, and I just love my little girl. I love seeing her in that environment and how much she loves it there.

6. I made some incredibly yummy popcorn today- plain popcorn, then add crushed up candy canes, then toss it with melted white chocolate, then drizzle with milk chocolate. YUM!

7. I'm tired. Nothing new there, just thought I would mention it.

8. Despite #7, I am up at 11:15 typing random blog posts.

9. For some reason, I feel like I should have 10 things listed, but I can't think of anything, so I'm just staring and staring at the screen trying to come up with 10, when really I should have just called it good after 8.

10. My favorite "Kydon Quote" from today: He was talking to my brother, who was holding his new little baby. Kydon looks at him and says "He really is a cute baby, but I don't envy you your position". Ha! Cracked me up, and I couldn't agree more! :)


Kelly said...

Funny post. I always feel that way about lists, like I should have 10 things, and at about 7 or 8 my mind is a blank.

Rebecca said...

First of all great list!

Second of all, I'm so making that popcorn!

Kevin & Rebecca said...

Also, I'm just mailing my Christmas Cards today... I think most will get there on time. If not I'm using the four kids excuse ;)

Valeni said...

Shanna, thanks for all your great writing on the blog. I've been away from it for a while so I had fun catching up this morning. Keep up with all your good works. your are great! I'm trying the popcorn too...Kydon said it was the best!

ali said...

#4 hits way too close to home :) So does #10!