Wednesday, December 16, 2009

There's a caption in here somewhere!

Wow- I can't tell you how much I love these pictures from Tessa at L3 Photography.

Yes, the kids were in a good mood on the day of the shoot, but I still can't believe how many great shots she got of us. There were 150 good ones! I narrowed it down to 40 awesome ones, and I am crying over every one that I'm deciding not to print.

Some of the ones that aren't making the cut are actually some of the cutest ones.

Take this for example:
I love her little face. She gives me this face when I tell her to do something and she either doesn't want to do it, or she is tired of me directing her. I get this look a million times a day! Check out the glint in her right eye. So funny! Okay, maybe I need to rethink and get this one afterall. Why is this so hard?? :)

Tessa gave us a free sitting, and a few free prints, and now I am trying to figure out how to schedule some overtime to get the rest of the 50 pictures I want! Usually I just hope there is one or two that I can be happy with- this time I am able to pick if I want horizontal or vertical prints, because there are so many great ones!

I SO wanted to make this our christmas card.... something about wrap yourself in the love of the season and ignore the grumps around you! I love the juxtaposition of our sweet kiss in the background with adorable little mad and tired faces in the foreground!



You can only take so much of your sister whispering "poop" in your ear before you start to go a little nuts.
I can't even describe how much I love this little face. And the boy too, but this face just gets me every time.
A great family picture! We even included our favorite little "wolfy". I think this is the winner for our family pic, but there were at least 2 others that I was in love with!


Here is my caption for this one: "Brothers don't shake hands... brothers gotta HUG"!
Now for the fun: pick a picture (I have helpfully put numbers above each one, so you can reference which one you pick) or two, or however many you want, then tell me the caption. I will pick two winners- one random, and one with the funniest caption.

And, if you are somewhere near the Atlanta area, give Tessa a call- I don't think you will be disappointed!


Katie said...

I can't think of a fun caption right now, but I just wanted to tell you how darling these are! Such a cute family! I wouldn't be able to pick either.

ali said...

Those are so cute! Why don't photographers just let you keep all of the pictures? I never understood that.

Lisa L. said...

#1 -Mommy, I said I DON'T WANT TO TALK ABOUT IT!

#5 - Mommy, I drink your drink.
or - (shortly after an announcement has been made *not* to give him anymore juice and knowing we arrived after the annoucement) "Lisa, will you get me some juice please?"

#9 - What you mean aw-brn wost da game?

Cecilee said...

Definitely work the overtime to get the extra pictures you want. I have NEVER been disappointed later about spending too much money on pictures. In 10 years you won't care HOW much they cost, you'll just be glad you have them. I don't blame you at all for not being able to decide. I guess your photographer is just too good. Don't get such a good one next time. ha ha I just love the way she really captured your kids personalities. Adorable beyond words...

Its too late for me to think of any creative captions. Sorry. I'm lame.

Anonymous said...


"If we all smile REALLY hard and REALLY good then we are done and get to go for ice cream".

I LOVE the pictures. She did an amazing job.

This is Carina.