Friday, January 29, 2010

More Thoughts About Home School

I am (mostly) recovered from my night of work this week, and we are headed off this morning to try and make major progress on getting our rental house ready.

Since there is no time to blog, if you want something to read, you can head over to Deep South Moms and read about my homeschool fanasy.


ali said...

I loved it Shanna! we must have similar minds because I once told Jon I wish I could have someone else homeschool my kids... in their home!

Cecilee said...

I enjoyed your post. School is so hard... The classrooms here are less than ideal. 25 kids to one teacher. I just don't know how they do it. Still, you are better than me because you have actually considered home school. I would never even consider it. I just couldn't handle it. I KNOW it would be a disaster and all your fears about it would be my reality. No question. Also, every homeschooled kid I know is just a little off, you know? They just aren't all there socially and I would never want to do that to my kid. Anyway, thanks for the thoughts. You are a great writer.