Thursday, January 7, 2010

My favorite Christmas gift

My favorite Christmas gift didn't arrive until about 2 days ago. The fabulous photographer, Tessa, at L3 Photography, sent me a movie. It is all the shots from our photo shoot, arranged to music in a really cool, fast-paced and interesting format.

This girl has some major talent and skill! It feels almost like an action movie, instead of just a series of shots.... you know how you take 5 pictures and people are moving, or making weird faces, and then you finally get a good one? Well, you see each of the shots, they pop up and change quick, then it will focus in on the one that turned out good. It feels just like you are really there at the shoot! I also love it, because so many of the shots are fun and cute, but I wouldn't really order them. But I love seeing them in the movie and being able to remember all those silly faces and poses!

And, as a bonus, she put in some really cool music and quotes and some fun features! Did I mention I love it? :) I might or might not have watched it at least 20 times!

In honor of remembering how much I am in love with our pictures, I thought I would post the results of the caption contest. Okay- only 2 people left captions, but I'm still calling it a contest!

"What you mean, Aw-brn wost da game?"


"Mommy, I drink your drink!" or - (shortly after an announcement has been made *not* to give him anymore juice and knowing we arrived after the annoucement) "Lisa, will you get me some juice please?"

"If we all smile REALLY hard and REALLY good then we are done and get to go for ice cream".

Thanks, Carina and Lisa, for playing! I recently found a cool way to make a necklace, and I will send you each one! Well, Lisa, I will just give you yours, but Carina, send me your address!

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