Monday, January 18, 2010


Our renter moves out this week. That means that next week we will be going back into our old townhouse, painting, cleaning, replacing carpet, and sprucing the place up.

There is a part of me, a pretty large part - as it turns out- that would love to just move back into that old place. I find myself wishing we could sell our current house and move back in. Daydreaming of our little townhouse, and how great it would be.

Pros of moving back:
  1. Financial. Living there is a whole lot cheaper than living here. Our mortgage would drop, our utilities would drop, and we wouldn't need all the 'stuff' that this house needs.
  2. Maintenance. We would have 1/4 of the yard that we have now, so it would be much less work and money to keep up. Much less cleaning, much less painting, much less of everything.
  3. When there isn't a lot of room, you just can't have as much stuff, and therefore it wouldn't be quite as overwhelming to keep up with all of it.
  4. Shorter commute- for both Kydon and I. It is much closer to where both of us work. Kydon could be home a full 30 minutes sooner than he is now.

Cons of moving back:

  1. I might miss the extra room. There is no doubt that this house is at least twice the size of the other, and the kids love running all around the whole place and playing with plenty of room.
  2. The backyard is great. I mean really, really great. Jack and Aidan play out there every day.
  3. The schools at the old house are pretty less-than ideal. I would not feel very good about sending my kids to school there. Also, it is in a less-than ideal area of town.

I find myself making explanations why the cons aren't that bad, and we should just do it anyway. Kydon, of course, thinks I am crazy. So do most people I talk about it too. It makes me wonder- why exactly do I keep day dreaming about this? In my head my life would be just easier and better in that house.

But why do I think that?

Is it because most of the time we lived there it was just us two, and life was pretty basic and simple? Is it because this new house needs a bit of work, and we are having to wait much longer than I would like to get it done? Would life really be that much better if we lived there? Or am I not so much nostalgic for the *house* as I am for the life we lived there?



Lisa said...

I don't know, Shanna, but every time I see pictures of your current house, I am so jealous! I would stay there if it were me. I have no idea what your condo is/was like, but I wish I could live in your house! :)

colleensewnsew said...

You remember the fun times you and Kydon had there and how fun it was to have your little kids there. You do not remember sitting on the driveway, trying to find a place for the kids to play, the frustration of squeezing everyone in and the reasons you moved from there. It is a sweet little house, though.

Kayleen said...

Stay where you are! I totally think it's the memories of a simplier time. I would kill (not really) to have a yard for my kids to run around in and having been at your old place there isn't really a good area for them. Plus you are right that I wouldn't really want my kids living/growing up/going to school in that area but I'm a little snobby about things like that. :) Enjoy the present, cherish the past and look forward to a great future. I should take my own advice. :)

Jennifer said...

I can relate. Just this morning I was imagining how nice it would be to move into a condo and get rid of so much stuff. It seems stuff appears to fill whatever amount of space you have, like weeds in the garden.

Cecilee said...

Don't we always want what we can't have? Its the old cliche of "the grass is always greener..." yada yada yada

I think a good backyard is a necessity for keeping your sanity with 3 energetic kids. They have to run and get their energy out and you don't always want to have to take them to the park. And I kind of remember the road in front of your old place being just a little busy with traffic. You'd be totally stressed letting them just play in the driveway (if there were quite a few cars).

As for the space, I am currently trying to deal with 2 kids in a microscopic room. It is so hard to just fit clothes and shoes in there, much less anything else. The space is so nice. I do hear ya about smaller space meaning less stuff, but its just so nice to have places for everything to go. so there's my 2 cents. But what do I know? ;o)

Shanna said...

Lisa, I do love the house, mostly. The kitchens and bathrooms need updating, and I just wish it would be done sooner than it will be. Also, I think sometimes I just get tired of cleaning it all! :)

Mom, you are right- I tend to remember all the good things, and not all the frustrating things. It would be hard to not have anywhere for the kids to play. Here they are able to ride bikes inside or out, and run and play all without leaving home. And we do have way more stuff than we every did, but so much of it we would need to keep- toys, clothes, etc. Kids just come with stuff!

Shanna said...

Kayleen, you are so right! I can cherish the past while enjoying the future! Moving back there really wouldn't solve all my problems, but it is easy to think that it would!

Jennifer, I know you are right. So many closets were empty when we moved in, and now they are all full. I think one day we will be in a smaller house, but that time is not now. I need to figure out how to decrease the stuff without moving! :)

Shanna said...

Cecilee, you are so right about the grass being greener! It is totally just nostalgia! Thanks- you really have made me feel better about being in this big 'ol place. :) Even if I do have to clean it! :)

Melinda said...

I'm with you Shanna--all the time I drive by our old house and think of all the things I loved about that house--smaller, a huge backyard with lots of privacy and a stream, it was so much cheaper and we had done a lot of decorating.....then I try to remind myself of all the bad things too. It is like anything in life--our minds tend to forget the bad and emphasize the good--it is a good quality to have, as long as you don't forget that memories are often a little rose-colored :)

Jennifer said...

I've had the experience. Both times Ed's been activated we downsized. Both times we LOVED it! When your stuff becomes a burden it's time to get rid of it. We love our little apt right now, but after 2.5 months we so miss the space of home. We have so much more stuff at home too and have acquired more here that I'm dreading it. It will just have to be a purging out of STUFF when we get back. We should purge here but we just had Christmas, plus books for homeschooling. So, if it's not been used in the last 6 months we are getting rid of it at home. But yes, cleaning a bigger space gets to be a pain. In a couple years your helpers will be much more able to really help.

Nishant said...

I see pictures of your current house, I am so jealous! I would stay there if it were me. I have no idea what your condo is/was like, but I wish I could live in your house! :)

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