Saturday, January 16, 2010


Things I am happy about right now:

  • Warm weather! It got up to the mid 50's yesterday, and we were back to our happy, Georgia- jacket optional- weather. I loved it. I took the boys to a park for an hour in the afternoon, and when Abigail came home from school, we went back for another 2 hours.
  • I like getting paychecks from my work!
  • Abigail is sleeping through the night on a consistent basis! For the past several years, she has been up at least once a night 4 or so nights a week. Over the holidays, with all the company coming and going, we put her on an air mattress in our room, and she stopped getting us up in the night. Somehow Kydon was in an accomodating mood, and he agreed to let her stay. So her room is not in use (for sleeping anyway), but I LOVE being able to sleep all night!

Things I am not happy about right now:

  • Our renter will be moving out next week, and we get to come up with several thousand dollars to fix up the money hole house and try to either rent it or sell it. Plus do all the work of cleaning, painting, laying new flooring, etc. etc. etc.
  • I'm feeling overwhelmed with *stuff*. Everywhere I look there are piles, and as soon as I get one put away, another one pops up, and then I turn around and the original one is back.
  • The basement got torn apart over the holidays, and I still haven't gone down to clean it up. Totally embarrassed to post that, but it is true.


Melinda said...

I love the warm weather too--not that I've been able to enjoy it with everyone sick...sorry about the renter though :(

Erika said...

You took all of my complaints and posted them! Thank you! I was reading it and just kept nodding my head to every single one (except for we always have nice weather here!) :) Hope Abigail's birthday was a blast. I really can't believe she is six!!!!

Nishant said...

the frustration of squeezing everyone in and the reasons you moved from there. It is a sweet little house, though.

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