Tuesday, January 5, 2010

We Learn a LOT in Homeschool

Homeschool so far has been a huge success. Today was a great example of how much they can learn when they have such great, one-on-two attention.

They have been struggling to be able to recognize the letter "Ee". So, today, we had an E day. First, we wrote Ee 3 times for our writing practice.
Then, we cut the letter E out of paper and glued it to a bag for an "E hunt" (we found an ear, egg, elastic, and electricity. We had no elephants in our house, and E is hard, so we had to get creative!)
The whole time we were looking for E items, we were singing "Going on an E hunt, going to find some E words".

When we finished, and came back to the table, I held up our "Ee" flashcard.
"What letter is this, guys?"

Jack burst right out, very excited to know the answer: "A!"

Uh... no- what letter have we been working on all day today?

They both thought for a minute, and then came up with the answer at the same time- "C!"

See? Homeschool success story.


Lisa L. said...

Now you know how I felt every single day of teaching. Spending weeks on something, teaching it every way you can think of, games, music, hands on, etc. And then, they all fail the test. Welcome to the world of teaching!

Shanna said...

That actually does make me feel better- at least it isn't just me! LOL!

Christine said...

I know how you feel. My daughter love's the letters B and W, so every time we learn a new letter, she tells me its either B or W. Good thing she's only 3 (almost 4) and still has some time before kindergarten to figure it out!

ali said...

You are amazing Shanna- just think about that anytime the letters don't stick ;)

Lisa said...

I think it's a good sign that they just might not be ready. That doesn't mean to stop working at it. But I really believe that kids learn things when they're ready to learn them. Dallin probably missed 2/3 of his letters and sounds on his kindergarten assessment, and this was after a full year of preschool. He progressed steadily but slowly in kindergarten, but after about a month of first grade, everything clicked and he's gone full speed ever since. I think he just needed to be ready. So I think it's OK to relax and just enjoy the journey! I don't think you're doing anything wrong; they're just developing alont their own little timelines, and the freedom of homeschool is that they can do that.

Rebecca said...

So hilarious!

Before Zack started preK I tried to teach him his letters and how to spell his name. I'd go through all the Zack... Zzzzz. What letter does your name start with? And he'd very seriously answer TWO!

So at least they are answering with actual letters!

They are getting so much more than letter learning with you. They are getting your time and love. You are awesome!!!

Tessa said...

"E" and "C" kinda sound the same.. they are getting closer. :)

Valeni said...

I liked reading the other comments and agree with Rebecca...they are getting your time and love and other things will stick with them when the readiness is there. Good job at helping them get some exposure to the world of letters. LOL

Lisa L. said...

I'm with Rebecca - at least they are responding with letters. I remember doing a whole 3 week unit on nonfiction (which is long for a unit - usually they are only 10 days). At the end I showed a nonfiction book and asked what genre it was and one kid answered seriously, "fractions". Not exactly a genre, but thanks for playing. It's definitely not just you!

Michelle said...

Thats too cute! You sound like a great mom/teacher to your kids!!! They will get it! As I read above, one day it will just hit.