Thursday, February 25, 2010

The Appliance Slippery Slope

I admit it. I am starting to miss my oven. I find myself fantasizing about roasted chicken, baked potatoes, and cinnamon rolls.

It has been almost a month. I think I was just so busy the past few weeks that an inoperable oven almost seemed better, since I wasn't doing all that much baking anyway.

But, alas, I find that I am growing tired of pasta and rice. And my little toaster oven, although it works great, just doesn't hold enough to feed 5.

I want an oven. I really, really do.

The good news? We actually have the money to buy a new one. I'm not entirely sure how everything has come together, but it has, and the money is there.

The bad news? The slippery slope.
  • If you give a woman an oven, she might want a new dishwasher since her old one is broken.
  • If you buy her a dishwasher, she might ask for a new microwave to match the rest.
  • If you agree and get her all 3, she will need a place to put the oven, and will need to rip out the cabinet the current oven in built into.
  • If you rip out the cabinet, and put in an oven, she might ask you to replace the counter tops to get rid of the gaping hole where the stove used to be.
  • If you put in new countertops, and have all new appliances, she might insist that the hole in the flooring where the cabinet used to be get fixed.
  • If you have new appliances, new counter tops, removed the cabinet, and fixed the flooring, her kitchen remodel will be done!

(shamelessly stole the idea from the popular children's book "If you give a mouse a cookie")

And, while we do have the money for a new oven, we don't yet have the money for the entire kitchen. I guess it is time to do the oven fix, and just try to make it last until next spring, when hopefully we will be ready to remodel.


ali said...

that is a slippery slope! That's totally how renovating is, isn't it?

I don't blame you though--it just dawned on me that you are living without cookies! Amazing.

Rebecca said...

I totally understand this. And what a great post!!

Valeni said...

That is so cute Shanna! You are a very clever and talented writer and I am still laughing. I hope everything turns out so you can get a kitchen remodel in the near future! LOL

Jen said...

Isn't this how everything is with houses? Once you fix one thing then there are tons more things that still need fixing to make it nice...

Valeni said...

Take all that money for a new stove and put it away. Do it again. Do it again. Keep doing it until the slope isn't slippery any more. Oh I forgot! you have to take out $50 first to buy a new element. Every time you bake you will remember to put more money away. Anything struggled for is always more appreciated. Liked your slope.

Shanna said...

Ali, I would never live without cookies!!

Jennifer said...

So, so true. The whole thing. You just glimpsed into my life and Ed's screaming "NNOOOOO!!"