Thursday, February 18, 2010

Everything Snow Related

It snows in Georgia about once a year (this year twice, which is really annoying to me. I mean once is fine, happy, snow love. Twice is enough already). Quite often it happens at night, or it is the really fine powdery snow that you really can't do anything with.

This time, it started snowing about 1:00 in the afternoon, the kids were already out for a teacher work day, and it came down hard and fast, and was the really wet, big flakes, perfect for playing in. We rounded up whatever kind of warm things we had (gardening gloves, anyone?), and went out to play.
Jack was so happy he just laid down and started rolling around in it! I knew he would soon be freezing, but he was laughing so hard I couldn't stop him!

Of course we made a snowman! The day after it snows you can always tell the houses with kids because all the snow is gone except for little mounds of used-to-be snowmen! It is a joy and an obligation- if it ever snows, the snowmen must be built!
Kydon was excited to build the biggest snowman he's ever built in Georgia. Yes, his winter gear was somewhat lacking, but he toughed it out!

Snow angels, of course...

Snow ball fights, naturally.

Abigail worked hard to find just the right accessories for the man.
Sledding on the hill in our yard. Using the trash can lid, of course.

Our neighbors came out and we threw some snow back and forth, then we got them to take a picture for us!

And, finally, thank goodness it is all gone by now!


ali said...

now that looks like a proper snow fall :) I'm jealous, we haven't had nearly enough snow this year :(

tiffanyfarhner said...

it looks like u guys got more snow than we did!!! glad to see everyone had a great time! miss you guys!