Saturday, February 6, 2010

I don't even miss it... yet

One week ago my oven went out. Kydon's mom was taking care of the kids and tried to bake some cookies. She saw sparks and flames, and turned off the oven. When we examined it later, we saw that the element was completely severed in two.
I think we could just replace the element, and it would be fixed, but I don't want to. First, the oven is old, and our kitchen is in need of an entire overhaul, new appliances included. So I really don't want to put any money into the old one, not even the small amount it might take to get a new element.
Second, I think that if our oven doesn't work, that is much more motivation to get a new one. Once we fix it, that motivation will be gone, and who knows when I will get a new one.

So far, I haven't even missed it. Part of that is because we have all been working non stop fixing up our rental house, and we have been eating sandwiches, fast food, and my mom's cooking. But, obviously, I have a lot of alternatives. Stove, microwave, crockpot, grill, and toaster oven.

Tonight I even made biscuits....

Granted, I had to cook them 4 at a time, but they did turn out great! I put a count-up timer on the sidebar to see how long we can last before we either buy a new one or fix the old one.


Michelle said...

Its fun discovering new ways and new things to cook! We go without the oven most of our summers because our house gets so hot! The grill gets quite a workout. We got a crockpot over Christmas and I've had fun discovering new recipes! Checkout if you haven't already! She has great recipes!

ali said...

Thank goodness for slow cookers and toaster ovens!

erika said...

Love it! You are so creative Shanna.

eartohear said...

Yeah, I hope you are enjoying the challenge for now! It is nice to have lots of back-ups to the oven. Do they use much energy? Maybe you will save money?

Katie said...

That exact thing happened to our oven a few years ago. We had a guy come and fix it, and he forgot to turn the breaker off before he fixed it. All of a sudden there were sparks and smoke shooting across my kitchen, and the repair man got shocked. He was shocked so bad he wet his pants, it was really scary afterword when I thought about how it could have turned out. What do you do with a dead repair man in your kitchen?

But moving on, good job, hold out for the new stove!