Wednesday, February 17, 2010

I still don't miss it

It has been about 2.5 weeks since my oven bit the dust, and I still don't really miss it. I did realize that I had signed up to bring sugar cookies for Abigail's class to decorate, so I had to figure that out (I had several people offer to let me use theirs, but since I was spending all day every day at our old house fixing it up, I just took my dough over there and popped batches in and out while I was scrubbing the kitchen).

I also had to remember when making my menu list to make things that don't require the oven (or can fit in my toaster oven, which works amazingly well). So far, no sweat.

The other night Kydon came in after being on the computer and was telling me about a federal rebate plan for dishwashers... he then suggested that we buy a dishwasher. I just looked at him for a minute, and then said "uh... you know we don't have a functioning oven, right?"

He then reminded me that our dishwasher is, in fact broken. Which, yes, it is, but not as broken as the oven. All this makes me want to move into our old, fully functioning (with almost brand new appliances) old house. Even more than I did before!


ali said...

I think I could go without an oven for quite a while, but take my dishwasher away and you'd have one unhappy woman... with a sink full of dishes because I refuse to wash by hand. I did enough of that when I was first married ;)

Jennifer said...

That's funny...less is more.