Friday, February 19, 2010

I'm Scared

I think Abigail needs a haircut. Most of the time it looks stringy and a little weird, and I think a good haircut would help it look cleaner and not as wild.

She has a few quirks to her hair that make it a little difficult to work with.

#1. In 6 years, this is all she has grown:
Her hair grows VERY slowly. I've given her 2 trims, and cut about 2 inches when one of the trims went badly, but other than that, we have tried to just let it grow, and this is all she has after 6 years. So, I am very nervous to cut it, because if it turns out badly, it could well take 2 years to grow it back out!

#2. The hair on the crown of her head is straight. It has a tiny wave to it, but mostly just straight. However, the rest of her hair is curly. Corkscrew-like, and beautiful.

She is dirty in this picture, but it shows the two textures of hair pretty well.

The result of that combination is that the straight stuff lays on top, looking bedraggled and fly-away-ish. The curls are gorgeous, but you can only see them if I pull the top part up (which I often do). Also, since straight hair gets long faster than curly, the top layer is a little longer than the bottom. I used to layer it, cutting the top part shorter. That looked great, until I screwed it up and had to cut it all about 2 inches, and I've been afraid to touch it ever since.

#3. She has a ton of 'new growth'. Little baby hairs that I think are finally starting to grow in her hairline. The problem is that it ends up always looking stringy and unkempt- even when I put in really tight ponytails, it looks messy and almost as if she has bangs (these hairs started out tiny, and have been slowly growing in, so I think they will eventually get as long as her other hair).
You can see the new growth really well in this pictures- little short fly away hairs all over her head.

This shows how tight her ponytails were that day- I try to do them almost at the hairline to catch all that growth, but they still just go wherever they want.

So, the other day I asked her if she wanted her hair cut. I was a little nervous, because she has said many times that she wants long hair. Well, she very quickly agreed, then said she wanted it short- and pointed her hand higher than her ears! So now I'm thinking of one of those cute little head-shaping cuts- it could show off those cute curls, it would be super easy to take care of, and it would help hide the new growth.

This is the picture I have in my head:

Of course, she was a lot younger then... her hair was much more curly at that age, but would it curl up again if it was short?? There is just no way to know unless we just go for it!

I want to... but I'm scared!! I know for sure we would have to find someone good to do it... it seems like something that could be easily messed up! Emily... any advice? Can anyone recommend someone to do the cut? I'm not even thinking of trying this one!

Should I go for it, or just wimp out and cut some layers in the top and let it keep growing?


thetallgrl said...

I can highly recommend someone but she is far away from you. Her name is Elita and she works at in Duluth. She is FANTASTIC. Worth every cent (and, yes, she is a bit pricey). But when you consider how seldom you cut Abigail's hair, maybe it works out? Anyway, you will probably find someone closer, but just in case here is the salon's info:

1197 Old Peachtree Rd., Ste. E
Suwanee, GA 30024


If you go, tell her I sent you. She knows me well (in fact I try to wait to get my haircut until I go visit Georgia just so I can get it cut by her!)

ali said...

Greta has very similar hair issues! I have heard that with curly hair, it should be cut dry so that you can balance the way it looks because the tightness of curl can vary. Also, I've heard that because it is such a different kind of cut you should find someone who knows how to cut curly hair.

hope that helps, but Emily knows more I'm sure!

Merilee said...

I can give you the name of a really good hair dresser...she is a bit farther away than the last one suggested.
Her name is Emily, and she is in Utah...well worth the drive (flight), and the money...
Coming from someone that has curly hair, you can really screw up, and it can look REALLY BAD!!!
There is nothing better than a good hair cut. period.

Cecilee said...

Please see my blog. We just cut Jenna's hair yesterday!

Rebecca said...

Well the good news is Abigail will be adorable no matter if her hair is short or long!

I won't offer any advice on hair as our method is daddy wielding the clippers... definitely not recommended for girls :)

Emily said...

Wow. I kind of feel like a rock star. I suppose there are two options...cut it or ...don't!! Just kidding. It just depends what look you want. I think it would be cute left longer and with her hair layered. If you're not afraid to put a little time and effort into it, you could use a little bit of mousse all through it and use a diffuser and it should even out the curl. Of course the top won't ever be as curly as the bottom, but it would help it blend better. The good news is that the new baby hairs growing is new hair growth, that means that it is getting thicker and you can kind of track the progress there. The reason it seems like it hasn't been growing much is curly hair just gets curlier instead of longer. I know it sounds funny, but if it's wet and hanging straight it's much longer, right? So know that it is growing and the older she gets, the better her hair will be!! So....that was a lot of rambling with not a lot of info. HOpe it helped!! :)