Monday, February 15, 2010

Taking the Circus to the Circus

We had a great Saturday! Thanks to some free tickets from Kydon's work, we were able to attend the Ringling Brothers Circus. We took all the kids, which means we had two 3-ring circuses (circi?) for the price of none.

We had free food, free drinks (Jack was in heaven), face painting, t-shirts, jelly beans, peanuts... oh, and a circus. Of course we didn't get many pictures because we were too busy trying to make the kids watch enjoying the show.

I was doing my best to get them interested, but they were highly distracted by all the food and chairs that flip up and down. Oh and the bathrooms. The bathrooms were a huge attraction. I was doing my best spin "LOOK- that man is going to jump through FIRE! REAL fire! He could get burned! Watch, gosh darn it!"

Of course, today, they were babbling non stop about all the cool things they saw, and they were telling everyone they met all about the great things, so maybe they liked it more than I realized!

My favorite moment was watching the tiger act with Jack. He is totally obsessed with tigers! As soon as he realized the next segment was tigers, he got really, really excited and pointed at his face (painted to look like a tiger), and said to me "Mom- I bet they got the idea for tigers from ME!" Yep, that must be it. Someone saw you guzzling your soda with your painted tiger face, and decided right then and there to add in a tiger act! Later during the show one of the tigers growled and swiped at the trainer. I asked Jack what he would do if a tiger did that to him, and he said "I would just pet him, and hug him, and show him my Auburn shirt"! I'm sure as soon as the tiger realized that he and Jack were rooting for the same team, there would be no more growling!

We did catch attitude all the way home because we didn't buy cotton candy, popcorn, or toys. Hey, you gotta give them something to be mad about!


Catherine said...

Cute pictures, Shanna! How fun!

Jennifer said...

Lucky that they were able to find a tiger on such short notice.