Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Valentine's Day Party

Jack and Aidan pretty much love everything about homeschool. The relaxed schedule, the time at home, the ability to play with trains and monster trucks for hours on end, and the field trips. The only thing they don't like is missing out on parties.

So, when Abigail started talking about and getting ready for her Valentine's Day party, we decided to do a homeschool party. I was a little worried, because all the kids their age are in school, so we were inviting all the little ones- 2 and 3 year olds. But, luckily, it was enough for them to have a whole house full of kids, and I don't even think they noticed that the other kids were all a lot younger.
It turned out fantastic! We had somewhere around 16 (!) kids plus moms. We learned a little Valentines Day song (sort of like head-shoulders- knees- and toes, but it is "Toe-knee Chest-nut Nose I love you -Tony Chestnut knows), made a little heart craft, and then decorated sugar cookies and had some juice. The prep was really easy- just cut out some hearts out of construction paper, get the cookies and frosting and sprinkles, and that was it! Cleanup also wasn't bad, since we just stayed all in one room for the most part.
It was fun enough that I think we'll do it again sometime!


Melinda said...

we had a great time--Alex was thrilled to be able to tell the older kids that he had party too.

Katie said...

Wow 16 kids! You are so brave!

Catherine said...

Shanna, we had such a great time! Tyler is always going to birthday parties and having parties at school, so it was nice for Grant to be invited to one :) I could tell how proud he was to show his craft to Tyler and to share the cookies with him. And as a bonus, I had so much fun visiting with other moms and eating your yummy heart-shaped english muffins! Thanks!