Wednesday, March 10, 2010

40 Bag Update

I am now up to 6 bags total. 3 to give away and 3 trash. Apparently I purge the stuff that is useful, but seem to keep around stuff that should just be thrown out.

My only problem is that I have been through all the 'easy' stuff- the kitchen, bookshelves and front room. I will work on the bedrooms next, and there is no way I will even be close to 40. Which means.... oh no...... I may have to move on to the basement. And, (horror) the garage.

Well, at least it will be good for me, right??

I wonder how many bags I could count if I threw out my oven. It doesn't work anyway, and I have no affection for it... seems like a great purging candidate to me! (Yep, 39 days and counting with no oven, and we still haven't ordered the part to fix it yet).

1 comment:

Villamor family said...

what a great idea! 40 bags of stuff! i know there are at least that many in our shed...but it is too darn cold to be out there and we need to borrow a truck to get rid of some of the junk!

i want to try this out...might not get to 40 but anything is an improvement!