Friday, March 26, 2010

5 Quick Things

1. My most recent post to Deep South Moms - "Enough with the Magical Creatures" was picked for syndication. They only select two posts per week out of the entire SV Moms group posts, so it feels pretty good to know that someone out there liked what I wrote enough to send it out to various publications!

2. Taking Abigail out of school and Kydon out of work for a little vacation at the Great Wolf Lodge. Aidan is excited to show his pet "wolfy" his birthplace, Abigail can't wait to get in the pool, and Jack is hoping to be tall enough to ride some slides (he was just a bit too short last year).

3. We had an open house at our townhouse- it is for sale, you know- and guess how many people came? Zero! Not even a nosy neighbor! Now that is bad!

4. A couple of mornings ago we all came downstairs for breakfast, and immediately spotted a red hornet flying around our kitchen. As I was chasing it with Raid, I started having flashbacks to last years' epic FIVE hornet stings over the summer, including one that flew out of my bed as I was climbing in. If I see another one, I'm moving to the townhouse.

5. I'm not the only Mom who hates balloons!


Melinda said...

I hate balloons too--they all die during the night :) As for the open house--we had 3 and got zero the first two times and 1 the third. Also, the first 5 weeks we had the house for sale we had zero people look at it.

Congrats on the syndication!!

Jen said...

Congrats on syndication! I'm jealous about wolf lodge...wish there was something like that here --I'd go for spring break. That kitchen looks 99 times better than mine so I'd probably buy your condo too if I lived there just for the improvement of kitchen. If I saw that hornet I'd move to the condo too if I were you!

ali said...

yeah, I kinda hate balloons too. and suckers.

congrats on the syndication!!

Kelly said...

Wow, your kitchen in the townhouse looks amazing.