Monday, March 22, 2010

Author: Abigail

"Quilly the Octopus had no friends. But she was not sad. But she was happy. She found a new friend. She was very nice. I like my new friend. Her friend's name was Sammy.

They went to Volcanoland. They found a new friend."


Cecilee said...

Wow! I'm impressed.

Valeni said...

Abigail is quite the little artist. Quilly the Octopus is very cute and I would like to be her friend. How special it is to see her learning so well at school!

colleensewnsew said...

Abigail has her mom's give for writing! What a good story!

Erika said...

Very impressive!

Laura said...

I loved this! I used to write stories when I was really young, and it has paid off.

Before my boys could write, I'd have them dictate their stories. I'd write, they'd illustrate, and we'd make books. They loved it!

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