Saturday, March 20, 2010

Finding things that work

Abigail has had trouble with allergies for several years now. Every Spring, and every Fall, she is miserable. Sniffling, coughing, and can't sleep at night. It often leads to ear infections, and quite often sore throats and a raw nose.

Despite testing, we don't know what she is allergic too. I'm fairly certain it is some sort of pollen, since it is seasonal. We have tried about 5 or 6 different medications, and none of them seemed to do the trick. Or they would be wonderful for 2 weeks, then do absolutely nothing. The only thing that has consistently helped her is Benadryl. We end up giving her Benadryl every single night, because otherwise she is miserable and cannot sleep.

It is not the ideal solution for several reasons. First, it only lasts 6 hours, so she often wakes in the early morning hours sniffling and coughing. Second, it makes her a little loopy and sleepy. That is okay at night, but I hate to give it during the day, especially when I'm sending her to school.

It took me longer than it should have, but I finally started doing a bunch of research to find out what types of dietary changes and supplements I could give her that would help. We made a bunch of changes to what she was eating, got some Vit. C and Vit. E supplements, and have been giving her 2 tsp. a day of "Aller-Ease", a combination of a bunch of different herbs and whatever.

We also do a daily "Power Smoothie" :
Apple Juice, yogurt, Vit. C, a large handful of spinach, raw local honey, and some frozen berries. It tastes wonderful! I make enough so that Jack and Aidan and I can have some as well.

I'm very happy to report that since we started this about 2 weeks ago, we have not needed any Benadryl! None! And the sniffles and snorts are completely gone! And I'm not even giving her the full recommended dose of the supplement, so I can go up on that as needed. I feel great about it, I just wish I had figured it out a long time ago!


ali said...

that's awesome!

erika said...

That is great news Shanna! I'm so glad to hear she is doing better. There is a book called "Disease Proof Your Child" by Dr Joel Fuhrman and it is a really good book! You might be interested in reading it since it focuses on how improving kids' diets can reverse allergies and diseases.

Katie said...

I'm glad you found something that works for you. We had a similar problem with Ethan after we moved here, and our doctor recommended local honey. It totally did the trick. Weird.

Jennifer said...

Yea for natural remedies!

Meet the Hortons said...

Sounds great! And like a really yummy smoothie. I'll have to try that one.