Monday, March 15, 2010

I like to post on Monday mornings

(Totally random pic of cute baby Abigail... just because I can't have 4 posts in a row with no pictures!)

I like to post on Monday mornings. It is a good way to delay all the cleaning and weekend recovery that needs to happen.

1. It has been about a month and a half since having an oven. I didn't even care for the first few weeks, but now it is annoying. Not devastating, but quite annoying. The good news is that the part is on the way. The bad news is that I really want a brownie, and can't even find where to buy them. Any ideas?

2. I have been through my entire house (except for the garage), and I am up to 17 bags. I don't think I will make 40. Kydon might throw out some things from his closet, and I might make one more quick round through the rooms (I know my closet is holding out on at least one more bag). Plus the garage. But we really do a pretty good job of just getting rid of stuff we don't need, so I don't think I will make 40. The good news is that even if I don't make 40, I will have gone through the house and gotten rid of stuff! I even pulled out all my bins of holiday decorations (mostly christmas) and purged it. That was intimidating but needed to be done!

3. I don't know why I am numbering this morning.

4. Jack and Aidan got in a fight today. One of them had more coaches in his train than the other, and they both got very upset. Words were exchanged. Coaches were flung. A tinkertoy might have hit Mom by accident. 3 minutes later they are best friends again. I just thought I better write it down, since it is such a rare occurance for them to get mad at each other.

5. I'm going to make Salmon Chowder for dinner tonight. Looking forward to it!

6. As of 2:30, I will have 5 children in my home for a few hours. Kind of nervous about that one!


erika said...

LOVE the cute picture of Abigail! What a doll.
I am very impressed you went through your Christmas stuff! How did you find time to do this with your kiddos around? That is my biggest challenge.
I think you should a "throwback" picture every Monday!

erika said...

I meant to say I think you should DO a "throwback.....