Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Peter's Pavement Pounders

I have always been an avid reader. When I was in the 7th grade, I read a book called "Alex: The Life Of a Child" by Frank Deford.

It was an incredibly emotional book, and it left a deep impression on me. Ever since reading that book, I have had an interest in children and families who struggle with Cystic Fibrosis. I work with them quite frequently in my work as a pediatric nurse, and I always wish there was something more I could do. I also have a friend, Marchet, whose son has CF. She is an amazing photographer, a fantastic mom, and handles all of it with a great deal of grace.

I am going to join them this year, as a member of the team "Peter's Pavement Pounders"! We are going to walk on May 15th to raise money for CF research.

Peter's Pavement Pounders

The 'Alex' from the above book lived from 1972-1980. In many ways, the treatment for CF is so much different than what they did in this book, but in so many other ways, it hasn't changed nearly enough. Kids with CF need better drugs, improved treatments, and a better prognosis. Money to fund research will have a direct effect on both the QUALITY and QUANTITY of life they will have.

Please consider sponsoring me and my family in this walk! Just a mere $10, when added all together, can make a big difference! Just click on over to make a donation! Please help me make my goal!


Kevin & Rebecca said...

CF is such a sad, scary illness. I knew 2 people growing up who had it. One passed away when she was 14. The other, I lost touch with after graduation. This is a great cause!

Melinda said...

I wish I could join you on the walk--we will be in Augusta that day, but I will donate!

Villamor family said...

Richard's choir did a benefit concert for CF on Sunday. One of the choir members has CF and we are getting emails all the time about when he has to check himself into the hospital in B'ham. So sad. I remember watching a movie about a little girl who had this disease when I was little. The mom had to beat the girl's chest every day and she coughed a lot. What a great cause to be helping with!

Mary said...

I had a very close friend who passed away from CF at the age of 18. She was such a joy to be around.

Valeni said...

Hope we can join you on the walk. He looks like such a cute little boy and it is a very good cause. I know a CF woman from church that we all loved a lot too.