Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Stinky Sock Soup

Every evening, about 4:55, as I am cooking and stirring and pulling out ingredients, my kids ask the same question. "What are you making for dinner?" No matter what I answer, their reaction is the same "WAAAAHHHHHH!!! I HATE DAT!!!!!!!!!!!" Except when I respond with "lasagna", when they hug my legs and tell me they love me.

But lasagna is a lot of work, and also variety is the spice of life. [Also- no oven]

So, because they do this every night, I know I have a choice. I can tell them what I am actually making, and they will cry and whine about the food I've worked hard on, or I can make something up and they will cry and whine about something silly.

I usually choose to make something up.

The other night I made Salmon Chowder Stinky Sock Soup. I explained that you find the smelliest, stinky sock in the laundry basket, then chop it up really small and make soup. It turned out funnier than usual, because they didn't know whether to believe me or not. It was quite concerning to them. "Mom- tell me the TRUTH- did you put a stinky sock in?" "Real? For REAL? Be real!" "TELL da TRUTH!" I maintained two truths- the first was that anyone who found a REAL piece of REAL stinky sock would get a prize. The second was that I wasn't going to tell them how many pieces I put in because it was a surprise.

I was surprised they sort-of believed me. Hello, I do this every night! But this time, they didn't really believe me, but they didn't really *not* believe me either!

It made for some really funny dinner conversation as they searched and searched for a piece of stinky sock.
We determined that you couldn't always see it- you had to taste every bit of soup to thoroughly check for any small bits of sock.

Here Abigail is convinced she found one. Oops, just salmon. Keep looking!

They devoured it! Yummy soup + a little imagination seemed to = success!


Rebecca said...

You are seriously my hero! I usually answer "food" which only gets them upset and whining about what KIND of food. Then I say "good food." And they say "are you suuuuure?" You see we have the same issue here :)

Lisa said...

I'm going to have to try that idea!

thetallgrl said...

Shana, you rock. I only have one kid and it's entirely hit or miss with her. She either loves it or hates it. Can't tell you how many times I've heard, "EEEEWWWW!"

Now I say dinner is either frog legs or fish guts.

Meet the Hortons said...

I've witnessed you do this, and thought it was brilliant! You are so creative. I'm awe-inspired.