Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Benihana Winner

Today is still Monday, right? No? Ah well, that is kind of how my life is lately.

I have a whole list of things to blog about, and I do have a little time, I just can't get myself in gear to do it. I also have a few heavier things on my mind and heart. They may make it here, and may not, it just depends if I can sort them out in my mind.

In the meantime, I can make at least one person's day a little happier with the results of my giveaway! Thanks to the fine folks at Benihana, someone can enjoy a great meal and help out St. Jude!

I use very techno-savvy ways to pick the winner:
And I enlist a neutral third party (he was looking for Aunt Catherine's name):

But despite the challenges, we did get a winner (out of 18 entries):

You know who you are! The gift certificate is on the way!

If you didn't enter or didn't win, you can still download and print the children's coloring form, and enter for a chance to win dinner for 8! Hope is still alive!


Catherine said...

Aw, that was so nice of Aidan to root for me! Congrats, Melinda!

Melinda said...

Thanks! (Even if I wasn't the favorite :D)

colleensewnsew said...

How lucky -- Melinda -- you want to take me, right?