Friday, April 16, 2010

A First

My goal is to get Easter pictures up before Thanksgiving. I hope I make it!

I used to love dying eggs as a kid. We would spend hours at my Grandma's house dying hundreds of eggs in preparation for the annual egg hunt. With my own kids, however, it has not yet happened.
I have a morbid fear of the mess. We do plenty of other messy things, but for some reason, I just can't imagine putting open cups of dyed water in front of them and encouraging them to put stuff in and out of them! I buy a dye kit every year, and every year I chicken out!

But, this year, my sister saved my children. She invited us over to her house to dye eggs! I jumped at the opportunity!

Abigail with her "smile". So posed and contrived! We took hundreds of pictues in the past week or so, and virtually all of them have this smile! She is a cutie, but I just love her real, genuine smile!

Jack always comes up with a new face for pictures. Lately he has discovered his tongue!

This smile just makes me melt inside! So funny and cute and sweet!

The whole crowd! Only one spill, and it wasn't any of my kids- and didn't get on anything but the tablecloth! My kids had such a fantastic time, and did SO well with the coloring. We will definately do this again next year. I think.


thetallgrl said...

Ha ha, Caralie has her fake photo smile too! Drives me crazy.

Jen said...

We didn't decorate eggs this year either because the twins didn't care and I had too many visions of Liam picking up the cups of egg dye and throwing them so we passed on it this year. I'm happy to know others don't do it either...or haven't done it in the past in your case. :)

Jennifer Horton said...

I still have the dye, we ate the eggs before they got colored. I'm hoping there's not a "time frame" for dying easter eggs. We will make it an anytime of the year thing. Miss you guys!

Katie said...

I don't love egg dying either. Partly for the mess, but mostly because the whole egg thing grosses me out. You color these eggs and if there is a crack then it seeps through and makes your egg funky colors, then you hide them and they get all warm and gross then they get thrown around in the basket, and usually dropped and scooped back up a couple of times, after the hunt they get shoved around back and forth while everyone goes for the "good stuff" then then you are supposed to make deviled eggs or potato salad or some other egg friendly dish, eat them- yuck, I don't think so. We go to an old field in my hometown and play baseball with them. But back to the decorating. I hate it, but the kids love it, so we put down a shower curtain drop cloth, no table cloth, strip down to underpants- the kids, not me:) and wear aprons. It turns out pretty good most years... At least it's only a once a year thing right?