Friday, April 23, 2010

I still don't have an oven

But, there is some good news:

Our townhouse is under contract!! Woo Hoo! And, despite all of my doubts that it would go through, we are set to close on Monday. It is a huge blessing, and we will be happy to say goodbye to 3 of our 4 mortgages. Think I could call Dave Ramsey and tell him I got debt free in 2 months?

83 days without an oven. It is probably the most unnecessary appliance in the house. I am annoyed by it, for sure, but it is not earth shattering not to have one. When you consider the stove, dishwasher, and fridge... I guess it is pretty easy to do without the oven.

With the major kitchen remodel within spitting distance (hopefully less than a year), we have decided not to fix the old one. We tried the easy fix and it didn't work, and we aren't going to try anything else. We are going to move forward, and today Kydon and I came up with the plan of how to replace the oven before anything else, so it may only be another month or two.


Erika said...

That is great news on your townhome!!! And I do think Dave Ramsey would be proud! :)
Going without an oven may not be the worst thing...I made brownies tonight and ate way too many, I think I might need to "break" my oven!

Rebecca said...

I am SO happy to hear the townhouse is under contract! Great news!!!

Rebecca said...
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ali said...

good news about the townhouse!!

Katie said...

wow, that is commitment! Congrats on the town house. We just put our house on the market this week, and are hoping it will sell quickly. It's the pits. If you know anyone who wants a place in Brigham City Utah...:)

Jennifer Horton said...

Congratulations on the sale! That is soo exciting!