Tuesday, April 6, 2010

I'm Out

Pictures from March of 2006...
Aidan hasn't changed a bit.
Neither has Jack.

Neither has Abigail.

Springtime means fun times, business, and vacations. We are going to visit Jack and Aidan's birthfamily over this next weekend, and we decided to piggyback on a fun trip to Williamsburg, Virginia. We may as well join the ranks of Spring Break Vacationers, right?
Just wanted to say that there is somthing fun that is going to post later today, but other than that, I might not be back to blog posting until next week sometime!


thetallgrl said...

You are right - they haven't changed at all! Except maybe the increased orneriness that comes with age. At least my kid's that way... ;o)

Lisa L. said...

Have fun!