Monday, April 26, 2010

Monday morning... once again!

picture from summer of 2006

Yep, you may not know it, but Monday came again. This week is really busy- we have two birthdays coming up this week, and if you think 2 boys are not excited, you would be very wrong!
We should close on our townhouse today... the beginning of many good things. Closing will mean that the last of our debt is paid off... which means we can start seriously saving for our kitchen remodel... which means that I will have the ability to bake something.
The problem is that I still don't know for sure what time the closing will happen. I've scheduled two different child care situtations, and I may have to cancel and do a third. What a pain! But all worth it, of course!
So, that is my Monday... try to figure out the closing, try to eat lunch with Abigail (when she begs, I just can't say no), try to make some phone calls and do a little cleaning, try to convince Jack to put pants on at some point today, and try to get both boys to eat something besides cheese balls all day!

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Rebecca said...

I hope the closing went perfectly! Congrats again on the sale!