Wednesday, April 7, 2010

My Favorites

My favorites:

In the post for the Benihana Giveaway I asked you your favorite thing about Japan, St. Jude, and Spring. I thought you might like to know my answers!

Kydon's brother spent 2 years in Japan on a mission for our church, so we have enjoyed talking to him about things Japanese, and there are so many things I love. But I think I would have to say that Bento boxes are one of my favorite, and I loved making them until Abigail got really mad at me and told me to just put a regular sandwich in a regular bag and send it! I guess I like Bento more than she did! :)

I love that St. Jude is so great at what they do. Kydon's sister had cancer as a child, and I work a lot with children who have cancer. They would not have the advances and prognosis that they do without the research that is done at St. Jude. I am impressed with Benihana for making such great offerings to that charity!

And my favorite thing about Spring? It is NOT the pollen that creates a fine yellow dust over everything and everyone right now, but I do love the colors of the trees! The beautiful white, pink, and purple blossoms popping out on all the trees is so sweet and beautiful!

Don't forget to enter the giveaway! I will choose a winner on Monday. I figure Mondays need something good to happen, right? :)

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