Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Now for the fun stuff

We knew from the minute we moved in to our current house that the kitchen needed a little updating. Now, having lived here for 3 years, we are even more determined that it needs an overhaul.

We were able to sell our rental house yesterday, so now we can put any and all extra money that comes our way toward our new kitchen. I figure we should have the money in about 6 months or so, depending on how much I work (summer is usually really slow, so that might delay it some).

Here is an overall view of the kitchen. The glaring problems are:
  1. The built in oven does not work. We need to replace it.

  2. There is very little counter space. There are about 4 spots of about a foot each, but they are all separated from each other, and one foot of space goes really quickly when you are messy like me cook a lot.

  3. The stove is right in the middle of the largest counter top. It also takes up the space in the cupboard below, so it is a double space waster.

  4. The dishwasher door is broken. So, while it does wash dishes, it requires that we prop it open with a pot anytime we load or unload. You know, the "dishwasher pot". If I had a nickle for everytime I had to go looking for that sucker or smashed my toe into it, the remodel would already be done!

  5. I didn't take a shot of the sink, but I think before we moved in they had the sink reglazed. Well, the glaze is very pourous, which means it stains like crazy, and the enamel is starting to chip away. Really lovely, I'm sure you can imagine.

You can see the dishwasher pot right next to Jack's elbow! A permanent fixture on the kitchen floor!

So, here is our PLAN:

In this section, we will begin by removing the entire cabinet that holds the oven. We will patch the floor as best we can, then get an oven/stove combo. We will also switch from electric to natural gas. Above where the stove is we will either do a built in microwave, or a decorative hood.

The stove that is in the middle there will be removed, and we will get dark (probably black) granite counter tops. We plan to leave the cabinets basically intact, maybe just repaint the doors, so hopefully the black will help the white look better. That is what happened in our old house, so I'm hoping it will work magic again. This should give me one long, uninterrupted counter top! And there is a large space that is next to the oven cabinet that is basically just a storage area, since it is so closed in. Hopefully once we open it up we can access that a little better.

Major changes on this side as well. First, all stainless steel appliances. Granite countertops, deep stainless steel sink with a better looking faucet (NO MORE FAKE GOLD!!). We are also going to knock the bar flat- to be even with the counter top, and under the lip of the lowered bar I am going to install some built in bookshelves.

The dishwasher is at the very end of this cabinet, and there is a huge open and mostly wasted space next to it. We are going to add an extra cabinet (probably big drawers) on the end next to the dishwasher, so we will be able to have another large counter area, and also add a little more storage room.

In a nutshell:
  1. Remove cabinet, install stove and microwave.
  2. All new appliances- stainless steel.
  3. Granite countertops- black.
  4. Add a cabinet and knock down the bar a little.
  5. Maybe repaint the front of the cabinets.

That is what is on my mind today! Any comments, suggestions, critiques? We still have a few months to change our minds!

**blogging is a good excuse to clean up the kitchen!


ali said...

can't wait to see the changes!

Love the dishwasher pot :)

Cecilee said...

Remodeling our kitchen was the best money we ever spent! .... and believe me, it costs a lot but it is totally worth all the pain, stress and planning. I felt like I had a brand new house by just getting a new kitchen. I'm glad you are remodeling. I'll try and give more opinions later. Your plans sound great so far.

Villamor family said...

sounds great! we re-did ours a couple of years ago..moved the fridge and dishwasher and tripled the counterspace. It was lovely!

don't you just love when you have extra money coming in! we will be paying off a debt pretty soon and I am already spending the extra money! :)

Sue @ Laundry for Six said...

You might want to rethink changing the faucet. I hear fake gold is coming back. :-)