Friday, April 2, 2010

Subliminal Messages

I worked last night. When I work, I leave a leave home a little before 6 pm, and come home a little before 8 am. That means that the kids have to endure the torture of having me gone for one bedtime and one morning time. Jack and Aidan don't seem to care, in fact I think they prefer having only Daddy. Abigail, however, misses me.

Today, she got off the bus and was drooping her head. She informed me that she got sent to the principles office today... April Fools!

Then she spent the 2 minute walk home telling me that Daddy forgot to make her a sandwich for lunch (I had the lunches all ready except for the sandwich- he just assumed that they were set to go and did not put the sandwich in), and she was missing me, and she hates going to school without seeing me, and she was starving.

I was feeling a little bad about it all, and then I checked in her backpack, and found the library book she selected today:

"Mummies in the Morning" from the Magic Tree House series! I started laughing! She must have been really missing seeing me in the morning!


ali said...

aww, that's sweet :) always nice to be missed, isn't it?

erika said...

that is really sweet!