Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Twins Getting Shots

There are many advantages to being a twin. Constant playdate, no hand me downs, and a friend at every turn. However, when it comes to getting immunizations, twins have it worse.

The twin who goes first, is okay at the beginning, but normally as soon as the shot is finished and there is the crying, it is usually accompanied by hugs, kisses and being held by mom. Twins don't get all that, becuase as soon as the first is done, and just beginning to fuss and cry, Mom has to set you down because it is time for the next one.

The twin who goes second may have the advantage with the after-shot snuggle, but he has to watch his brother get held down and poked with needles and cry. That is not so good for the anxiety and cooperation.

Guess what we did yesterday?


Melinda said...

Poor boys--we do that when we get the flu shot--all 4 of them in a row--the suspense for the last one is by far the worst!

erika said...

I guess we should be glad we don't have triplets!