Sunday, May 23, 2010

Another Last Day

Friday was Abigail's last day of school, and it was also the last day of Sports Class for Jack and Aidan. They have LOVED this class! They have learned some basics of baseball, football, basketball and soccer. And it was taught on their level. Just right for this age!
Here they are getting instruction before starting to chase their balls all over the gym!
Getting ready to try some long kicks. I think we will sign them up for soccer in the fall- they are actually pretty good, and are excited to start.

Before and after each sports class, we head over to the other gym and shoot some hoops. Jack could shoot for hours. He just throws it up over and over and over. Last time he actually made a few shots, and this time he sunk maybe 10 baskets!! Pretty amazing for a shrimpy 5 year old!
He uses a kind of modified Granny shot where he throws it from the side to get it high enough.

This one went in! He gets so excited when he makes one! I was pretty surprised to see him get so many!

I told him to smile for a picture, and instead I got "You goin' down!" He already has the trash talk ready!

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