Sunday, May 9, 2010

Birthdays and Camping and Celebrating... Oh My!

If I wait to post pictures, the post may never happen. Jack and Aidan's birthday was a great success. They had more fun than expected, and they had very high expectations! Now they are busy trying to figure out the hierarchy of weapons... a sword beats a bow and arrow, gun beats sword, light saber beats them all. There are more complexities, but they are greatly enjoying all the weaponry they got for their birthdays!

We went camping this weekend to celebrate Kydon's birthday. I surprised him with a "camping quilt"- a denim quilt we started together more than 12 years ago. I finished it and we took it camping and got it good and dirty! The past several trips we have taken we have noticed something different- and we noticed it again this weekend. Our kids are SO easy to do things with! On this campout, I sat my hiney down in a camping chair, and honestly didn't have to move it too much! They are at an age where they travel pretty easily, and I don't have to be after them every second! When it was time to go to bed, they all just laid down and went to sleep! It was heaven, I tell you!

Mother's Day was awesome. It is all in the attitude! I love the little cards they fill out at school and church that are filled with interesting facts like that I am 99 feet tall and weigh 25 lbs. Jack and Aidan assume that I am 5 years old, and then there is a little gem here and there about how much they love me. It melts the heart every time.

Jack only throws a fit about once every 6 months, but when he does, it is a doozy. He threw one this week. He was mad that he didn't have the right kind of clothes... bad mommy didn't do laundry fast enough. He ran out of time to choose and I threw him in the car in his underwear. When we got to the store, he decided to get dressed before going in. But then the joke was on me when he revealed that while at home he had taken out my wallet and hid it in the house. Let's just say that it was a loooong time before he saw his favorite clothes again!

This week is crazy, as usual, it seems. Monday I have meetings and places to be all day, babysitting in the afternoon. Tuesday I have kindergarten testing for the boys, sports class, and a quilting project for church happening at my house. Wednesday is the "Kindergarten round up" to show the boys the school, book signing night for Abigail, and a date for more celebrating of Kydon's birthday. Thursday a baby shower, Friday a "girl party" while the boys in the family go on the Father and Sons campout. Saturday morning is the CF walk, and then I just have to go to work Sat. and Sun. Should be no big deal, right???

In the midst of all the business, I am having the pleasure of witnessing a metamorphosis. The kids found a caterpillar and put him in a jar. Amazingly, he didn't die! He actually ate all the leaves stuffed all around him, and then a few days ago, he started spinning a web. It has been amazing to watch him spin the web and form the coccoon! I can't wait to see him emerge as a butterfly!


Meg said...

that is so bad jack. that is really cool the caterpillar spinning the cocoon

Villamor family said...

isn't it fun when they get older and can do more! is busy...I bet work will be a nice relief...well maybe!

Valeni said...

Sounds like you have a really busy week. We will be thinking of you and hope all goes well.