Monday, May 24, 2010

A Different Monday

Today feels very different! A new kind of schedule, a new feeling in the air, and it is great so far!

Kydon is usually pretty happy to head off to work, but I could tell he very much wanted to stick around today! It is hard for him to have us doing fun things while he has to work.

We started out with a bang- I revived our work plan from last summer with a few tweaks. They each do "morning work"- get dressed, brush teeth, put on shoes, and one quick job- two of them empty the dishwasher and one clears and wipes the table.

I handed out the TV tickets. They each get 4 tickets. One ticket for a regular show, two tickets for a movie. And every once in a while we can have a "Mommy Choice" show!

We also added a new feature this week- weekly work. Starting out with 3 jobs each (I may increase it as the summer goes on) that need to be completed by the end of the week. Abigail and Jack jumped right in and finished their whole list this morning. Aidan wasn't feeling up to the task, so he will work on his throughout the week. One of my personal goals for summer is to teach them how to do some of the jobs that they are old enough to do, but I haven't ever had them help because it takes so long to teach them. So now they are working on vacuuming, cleaning the bathrooms, etc. So far, so good.

And, of course, there are many fun things planned as well. Today Abigail has a friend from school coming over, and we will do some swimming in the afternoon. Tomorrow is the train museum, Wed we are heading out for a hike, Thursday we will head to Stone Mountain, and Friday we are heading out of town to visit the Temple, since the Atlanta Temple is under construction. Should be a fun, busy, fabulous week!


Cecilee said...

Sounds good. We are also making summer plans. Its a little intimidating to think up things to keep the kids busy.

Becky said...

TV Tickets - GREAT IDEA!!! I'm going to have to use that one. Thanks!

Jennifer Ricker said...

what will you do if he doesn't finish the chores by the end of the week? i am starting to get abby to do some things and just don't know what to do....and i need to make a schedule and keep it up where they can see it. the summer seems very intimidating!

Shanna said...

Aidan is definately the most uncooperative of the three. I just basically have to "help" him do his jobs. Even if that means I do it while he stands there. He did two of his 3 yesterday- he was happy to scrub the toilets, and I just had him spray down the bathroom floor while we were in there- he sprayed and I wiped it up.

I think as long as they feel like they are the ones working, and you praise them for what they do, eventually they will take on more and more.

But, to answer your question, on Friday we won't be able to go anywhere or do anything fun (toys, tv, etc) until his jobs are done.