Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Fishing game for a little boy

With two little nephews turning 4 this month, I decided to make them each a little fishing game. This is a really simple project, and really fun for the kids!

Just layer the fabric wrong sides together, put batting in the middle, add in a magnet or metal washer, and top stitch a little fish shape. Then cut close to the seam line with some pinking shears.

Grab a dowel threaded with ribbon, glue a magnet to the end, and you are finished!

We had to try it out... just to make sure it really works!
Caught one!
"Gone Fishin"

All packaged and ready to go. I hope they like it!


ali said...

what a great idea, thanks! I'll have to use that...

Valeni said...

Those are so cute Shanna. Thanks for sharing your darling creative talents, and the directions for how to do them. You make it sound so easy...but reality is that not everyone can do it so well. Hope YOU will keep making them for friends and cousins.

Catherine said...

I was just talking to your mom tonight about how creative you are! The boys spent all afternoon fishing - it was a total hit. Thank you!