Sunday, May 30, 2010

Good Things Come To Those Who Wait

Came home from the Temple last night and checked the mail from the weekend... and a very nice surprise was inside! The refund check from the Escrow account from our townhouse arrived. We knew it was coming, but we had no idea how much it would be- we were hoping around $200, but it was much, much more, and we can now buy an oven!!

Take a moment to dance with me!

I think it will also be enough to buy a microwave to be installed above the oven!

Woo Hoo!

There are still some things that need to be done- we have to rip out the cabinet, patch the flooring, run a gas line, and move an a/c vent, but at least I feel like we can get started and we aren't sitting around waiting!

I think of all the four months since my oven went out, the past two weeks have been the hardest. Mostly because we had finally paid off every cent of debt that needed to be eliminated, which meant that every penny that came on my paycheck would go toward the kitchen remodel- starting with the oven. I was all set to go to work, earn some money, and order an oven. Unfortunately, I got called off both of my working nights, so therefore the money went down to zero. After that, I was just so annoyed with the whole situation, and it felt like it was going to be forever until we would be able to make any progress.

Kydon wanted to just finance it with the offers of 0% interest, but I was adamant that I did NOT want to go into more debt for it. My parents also generously offered to loan us the money, but again, I felt like we were not just avoiding debt, but also learning a lesson about spending habits. And, believe it or not, an oven is not a NEED. We ate just fine for a good four months without one. Yes, it was a pain at times, and yes, there was a lot of food I couldn't make, but overall it was something that we could wait on.

Now, after an unexpected check (a blessing from above), I have been doing the happy dance all day!


thetallgrl said...

Isn't it great when the Lord blesses us for following the words of his prophets? Now that our condo is finally sold, Chad and I are on the move to eliminate all our debt, too. It will take a lot of time but I know it will feel so good.

Doing the happy dance with you!

Melinda said...

I'm so glad you got that check :) I'm thrilled you can get your oven now--when you get it you should throw a cookie party (no goodie bags)

Trent Family said...

That is a great blessing because you did wait. I'm so happy for you and your kitchen. :)

Rebecca said...

This is awesome Shanna! I'm so excited for you!!

erika said...

What a great reminder for me :) So happy for you guys! Can't wait to see the new oven (and kitchen)

Jennifer Horton said...