Thursday, May 27, 2010

The Old Switch-er-oo

I heard Aidan and Jack whispering upstairs a few days ago.

"Jack, let's switch pants, and then Mommy won't know who we are" [giggles]

A few minutes later a boy came down the stairs. At first I thought it was Aidan, but he had Jack's pants on, so I called him Jack. Then the other one came down, so I called him Aidan.

And two boys were dying with laughter at pulling a fast one on Mommy!

The funniest part (besides the fact that they look NOTHING alike) is that these two share everything- pants, shirts, undies, toys, EVERYTHING. The only thing in the whole world that has any kind of ownership is shoes. They will never, never, ever wear each others shoes. "Mommy, if I wear dat shoe, everyone will think I'm Aidan". As they were switching clothes, I hear them arguing about the shoes. Aidan said they should switch shoes because then I would really be tricked. Jack disagreed, because he just can't bring himself to ever, ever put on Aidan's shoes! They came down the stairs with no shoes! I am still laughing about them thinking that switching pants would really fool me!


colleensewnsew said...

I'll have to be on guard for the "can't tell which twin is which" game!

ali said...

that is so sweet :)

Jennifer said...

I feel kinda sorry for them. They're twins but will never get to do the trade places for a day or other such mischief.