Friday, May 21, 2010

The very last day

Yesterday was Abigail's last day of Kindergarten! I had her pose for a picture, since we always make sure to get a first day picture!

This is a wall where we hang some of the artwork that she brings home. I am going to clear it off this summer and get it set for the next year!

She had the best teachers and friends this year- we absolutely loved Ms. M! I hope one of the boys gets her next year! The little blonde is a sweet girl in our neighborhood- we have constant playdates with her!
Ms. Z was also great! Abigail loved them both!
Tons of games and party time on the last day! I was mostly trying to help Jack and Aidan not feel too left out of all the fun! We came early in the morning and started the party, then the boys and I left to attend their last day of Sports Class, we had lunch at CiCi's Pizza for our "pre-k" party, then came back to Abigail's school for ice cream, cookies, and more play time!
More of her little friends... this one is moving this summer- we are going to miss her!

Such cute friends this year! I can't wait to see if any of them are in her class next year!

Although I think all the excitement, party time, candy, cookies, and sugar in general was just a bit too much... after crying for a couple of hours, she sacked out on the couch and slept the rest of the day! She is going to miss her Kindergarten!


thetallgrl said...

Caralie is done with Kindergarten on Thursday. I'm curious to see how she handles it. I know I'm a little misty about the whole thing. We couldn't ask for a better teacher and will miss her terribly. How is Abigail now? Is she excited about first grade?

Shanna said...

I feel a little bad too! It didn't last long enough! :) I know it was a hard day for her to say goodbye to all her friends. I think the older ages they love the last day of school for the break, but the younger ones love school so much that they are sad to see it end!

She is excited about 1st, and very excited to have her brothers at school with her. I am excited too! :)

Valeni said...

Thanks for sharing the cute pictures. Abigail is so precious and it is sad to know this special year of her life is over. There are great times ahead though. Hope we can see you a lot this summer!