Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Glutton For Punishment

Why am I obsessed with dollhouses?


Can someone please explain this to me?


First, I tried to make some. Cute, soft, fabric dollhouses. They turned out okay... but they were so much more work than I anticipated. And the kids did like them- sorta- for a couple days. Now they are in a basket in the basement, probably never to be played with again.

So, on our trip to Williamsburg, I was browsing an overpriced shop, and found one. It was the cutest fabric dollhouse, with a couch, table, and little doll all made out of fabric. Totally adorable, and was pretty exactly what I wish I had been able to create. It was $35, and I snatched it up. Now, I am generally a pretty cheap person, and would normally never buy such a thing. But, for some reason, I... I mean... Abigail needed it.

She loved it. For a day. Hasn't been touched since then except when I have moved it to dust.

So? What is a crazy mother to do?

OF COURSE! Try another! This one made of paper! Yep, paper. For my daughter. You know, the one who likes to rip things.

I spent all evening last night cutting, glueing, and double-sided taping. How did I get here? How I am knee deep in ANOTHER doll house project?

I remember seeing a really cute link for some paper dolls on Etsy. I clicked the link, and thought they were adorable. While browsing around, I also found this cute little dollhouse. When I showed them to Abigail, she didn't care for the dolls, but she did like the house. So, of course, I got suckered bought it.

Before I knew it, I had purchased the house, plus the furniture, plus the dolls... and then paid to have it all printed. Seemed like a good idea at the time, until before I knew it I was another $30 in, and I still had to make the darn thing.

It has sat in the bag on my table for a few weeks now, just waiting for me to get the courage to start. It wasn't easy- I was very intimidated by 35 pages of exact cutting.

However, once I started, I was pleasantly surprised to find that it wasn't nearly as hard as I had feared. The pieces were big and easy to cut out, and I had it mostly assembled after just over an hour. Of course, we won't talk about the 15 pages of furniture with teeny tiny details and annoying slots to fit together.

I just keep thinking- why am I knee deep in *another* doll house? When will I figure out that Abigail doesn't like them nearly as much as I do? When will I realize that the amount of play time does NOT make the amount of work/money worth it??

If you hear me speak of dollhouses, please, for my sake, stop me.


colleensewnsew said...

I love doll houses, too. Which explains the great big one I have downstairs that only Ellie plays with and if that only occasionally. Maybe we should have a doll house party for those who love doll houses!

Melinda said...

Your problem is making doll houses for Abigail--you need to make one you love--for you. Keep it in your room and you can play with it when you are in time out from the kids :)

ali said...

I think there's a 12 step program for that.... ;)

thetallgrl said...

At least they are small dollhouses. I had my father-in-law build a huge wooden Barbie house for Caralie for Christmas. It is still in the garage, unpainted and unplayed with. Ridiculous!

Lisa L. said...

Send unloved dollhouses over here! I bought one for Ellie for $8 at a garage sale and she plays with it at least once a day, usually more!

colleensewnsew said...

I had another thought -- maybe it is because you want a house that you can decorate, keep clean and enjoy and it is easier to do when you work in a small surface!

Caroline said...

Doll houses are so cute ! When will you send me that one ?