Tuesday, June 1, 2010


Memorial Day was extremely productive...
Our built in oven and the cabinet that housed it is gone! The kitchen already feels more open!

We also went oven shopping. Kydon likes the best (and most expensive)... no surprise there! I found the one I wanted, but then I got sent on a tangent. I found there is an option in a few ovens of having a free standing range with a double oven! That was very exciting to me!
I'm still weighing all the pros and cons while we are busy patching the floor and running a gas line.

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Cecilee said...

Congrats on beginning your semi-remodel! We have a double oven. I rarely use both, but when I need it they sure come in handy (baking cookies, several pizzas at once and Thanksgiving to name a few). The smaller top oven heats up super fast and saves energy. I love mine and have no regrets.