Monday, June 21, 2010

Mon... uh, I mean Tuesday

Can you tell which is which? I will put the answer at the end, just in case you want to venture a guess!

In typical fashion, she needed one for each hand, plus a few extra. I guess her attitude of "I want it all and then a little more" started early! :)

I uploaded pictures yesterday, and then the day happened so fast I didn't even have time to write the post.

This is what I had planned: Mow the lawn, apply weedkiller. Clean the house, return books to the library. Try not to go crazy.

This is what happened: Get ready super fast, pack food in a bag. Meet some friends at a park and see one of our favorite dogs, Charlie. Eat a picnic lunch, then go to Target and actually find some cute things. Head to the pool with cousins, aunts, and Grandma. Drop the kids off at Aunt Melinda's and I got to leave- fabric shopping for a skirt I want to try, then grocery shopping (alone- yay!) Head home, bake up a quiche for dinner (I love baking now!), put the pumpkins in their bed, then I went off for a little exercise.

We also ate our first cucumber from the garden- Jack was estatic. He has been waiting for that guy for at least 6 months!

Today we are heading downtown to meet Daddy for lunch. There is also some cleaning that should happen, but maybe instead I will ignore it and start cutting up the fabric I bought yesterday!

ps- Aidan is on the left with the chubby cheeks, and Jack is on the right with the pointy chin!


Cecilee said...

I can totally tell which is which in the first picture. Amazing, huh? ... that they really looked like themselves at that age.

You sound as busy as I am. I feel like there is seriously no extra time for anything with summer in full swing. How on earth do you manage to do something like make a skirt?? Please tell.

Valeni said...

Sounds like you are keeping busy Shanna. You are amazing to keep going with all that you do. Good luck with the skirt....please share how you did it when you can.
So glad the cucumbers are coming on too....hope you get as many or more than last year.