Thursday, June 3, 2010

Spinning Around

I go to sleep each night weighing oven options. I wake up each morning with a new decision, only to be changed not long after by something I read, or see, or someone I talk to.

I am obsessed, is what I am saying. Despite the obsession, I am still a long way from making a decision!

Yesterday I had finally decided, for sure. I knew what I wanted. I had Kydon go on his own to check it out. When he came home, we went right back to one of our earliest decisions (gas v. electric) and the decision was back under review.

After talking about it for several hours (crazy, I know), we made a decision. Done. Then this morning I read something on the internet, and now I just. don't. know. :)

We will also be spinning around the house today. One cute kid had some really terrible behavior in the car on the way to the baseball game with Daddy, and then yesterday on the way home from the pool with Mama, 2 cute kids were at it again. The result? They are grounded from the car. My thinking is that if they can't behave, they can't enjoy the benefit. Of course, that also means that 1 cute kid and myself are joining in the punishment.

They have been sad from the minute they woke up. Trying to think of alternatives (Grandma could come pick us up, we could invite everyone we know over for a party). Sorry, no. Much to their dismay.

Luckily, I do have an option up my sleeve in case it gets bad... thank goodness we are withing walking distance of a great park!


ali said...

grounded from the car! I love it :)

I was the same way when we had to pick appliances for our last house. I totally obsessed over each and every detail. it was exhausting.

Jennifer said...

A big party because you're grounded from the car, funny.

Jennifer said...

A big party because you're grounded from the car, funny.