Tuesday, July 27, 2010

The day turned around!

Monday morning started out not-so-happy. The kids were whining and crying over every.little.thing. I was starting to simply dread the day ahead. However, I saw some little projects online, and it sort of gave me the pep I needed to get going. I got the kids to do their morning work, and then we settled at the table for some school work.

I was amazed at how they all went from crying, fit throwing little ones to happy and centered. Maybe they crave the routine? I was feeling tired and worn out, and was ready to just let the routine slide. I'm so glad I didn't, because it was exactly what we all needed to get on track.

Once the work was done, I was able to sneak into the sewing room and make my mini wallets:
They turned out pretty cute!

I was a little confused as to which fabric would end up where- what I thought was the accent fabric ended up as the main fabric, and vice-versa.
But, that's okay! I will still enjoy them! I then took a trip to the store and bought the supplies to make the little play tent. I was all set to come home and get started, but Aidan really wanted to make cookies... sugar cookies... where they get to roll the dough and cut the cookies and frost it and sprinkle it all themselves. We took a vote- cookies vs. tent, and it was 2-1 for the cookies. (Abigail wanted the tent)
So, cookies it was! The play tent is on the list for tomorrow. I finished up the day by doing the dishes, mowing the lawn, and getting dinner ready (a previously frozen lasagna, fresh rolls and a salad from the garden).


ali said...

I need to make that play tent, thanks for the link!

Valeni said...

So glad you have such great motivation to keep going with projects. Sounds like you are keeping busy, and I love the tent. What a fun place to play! Love and miss you all