Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Good Idea Gone Bad

A few weeks ago I was trying to decide on our schedule for the week, and I asked each of the kids what they wanted to do. There are tons of activities, but we can't do all of them each week, so I thought that if they were to each pick one activity, at least we would get to do the ones they wanted the most.

Thus was born the "1 favorite activity". Abigail especially plans all week what her "1 favorite activity" will be for the next week.

I suggest things like movies, Stone Mountain, puppet shows, swimming, train museum.

My problem is that they have started taking advantage of the situation. This week the requests were: Disney World, Six Flags, and North Carolina. I asked them to provide a backup request, and we ended up with Chattanooga, a backyard campout, and Trader Joes.

We actually had already talked about going to Chatt, since Kydon was off yesterday, so we did make that trip. We have reluctantly agreed to a backyard campout... in July... ugh. Maybe it will rain on Friday? And Trader Joes, while a lovely little store to visit and shop, is perhaps top of my list of places to avoid with 3 cute kids. (Just picture 3 wild children each with their own tiny adorable shopping cart careening through the isles, crashing into things and people). They want to go because if you find the bear they let you pick a piece of candy. Maybe I could buy a bag of candy and hide a bear at the house?

I think next week I will limit the choices to activities that are on the list!


Jen said...

Why do kids have to get this smart so soon? Shouldn't we get a break until they are at least teenagers?? This did make me laugh though...my excuse for Liam's cunning is usually that he has two 12 year old siblings that teach him how to be cunning--aren't you glad your kids don't have that extra help? ;)

ali said...

I have mixed feelings about stores trying to make things fun for kids-- on the one hand, I'm grateful that they care and are sweet to the kids by involving them, but I hate that it makes them always want to go there thus making it impossible to go without them...