Thursday, July 1, 2010

Just a day

I was trying to think of what I could blog about, and I realized that I should just take a few pictures of what we were doing throughout the day, and just blog about our summer.

As I started taking pictures and making mental notes about all that we were doing, it suddenly dawned on me- no wonder I'm tired! I was actually quite surprised to start writing down all that I had done in a day, and it actually made me feel better to simply acknowledge what I was doing!

I think when the day ends and there are dishes in the sink, toys on the floor, and piles of laundry, it is easy to feel like nothing got done, or that I didn't accomplish anything. But, on a day that was a little busier than usual but pretty typical as well, I was able to realize that I do a lot of stuff every day! No wonder I sometimes feel a little frazzled!

6am: Abigail comes in, wakes us up. Jack and Aidan are not far behind. Attempt to "pillow parent" (give instructions and reprimands while trying to pretend that I am still sleeping).

6:30: Drag myself out of bed, reprimand anyone who hurt anyone else, comfort those who got hurt, walk into Abigail's room and start cleaning up the colossal mess that has accumulated over the past few days that I've been trying to pretend will just go away on its own.

7:00: Go downstairs, prepare 3 different breakfasts (waffles for Kydon, Jack and Aidan, cereal for Abigail, eggs for me). Negotiate numerous arguments and tantrums, including who got the wrong color of cup and the wrong amount of syrup and someone touched someone else. Start the dishes, start the laundry.

7:45: Sneak into my sewing room to whip up another notebook holder to keep in my purse. I made one yesterday morning, then sold it to a lady at the pool! Now I needed another one for myself.

8:00: Clean up breakfast, coerce the children into doing morning work (dressed, shoes, brush teeth), clean up new messes (you can't brush your teeth without smearing toothpaste all over your brother- hair, clothes, cheeks), finish cleaning Abigail's room, get myself dressed and ready for the day.

8:30: Make and pack a lunch, finish dishes.

9:00: Gather swimming stuff, welcome the dog we will be playing with for a few days, explain the "dog rules" to the kids, monitor arguments, pack the car with swimming stuff, lunch, etc. Head to the pool.

10:00: After getting all the stuff and all the kids to the pool, putting on sunscreen, goggles, towels, and taking off shoes, and clothes, I can breathe. For 45 minutes while they are in their swimming lessons, I get a small break. Of course, I can't just *sit*, so I read two chapters of a book, finish some hand stitching on a project, and plan a few blog posts.

10:45: Gather kids, gather stuff, dry, dress, lace, tie, carry everything to the car. Hand out some snacks and water. Drive to my sister's house for more swimming.

12:00: Swim, eat lunch, relax, talk to my sister, play with my kids, monitor who has had what for how long.
1:00: Gather, head home. Shower, get everyone dressed, change over the laundry. Check email.

2:00: Take the doggie for a walk. Unpack all the swimming stuff to dry out for tomorrow. Unpack the lunch before it starts to smell. Refill all the waters to keep in the car. Wrap birthday presents and make cards.

2:30: Leave again, get gas, stop in a store for a quick errand.

3:00: Arrive at Chuck E. Cheese. Play with the kids, talk to friends, marvel at the mayhem.

4:30: Corral the children, chase Aidan (who doesn't want to leave), negotiate who gets what prize, carry Aidan kicking and screaming out the door.

5:00: Get stuck in traffic. Ugh. Grudgingly turn on Junie B. Jones. She drives me crazy, but the kids will listen to the story without going nuts.

5:30: Arrive at Sam's Club. Welcome the sight of Kydon ready to help. Eat dinner- a family of 5 can eat for $12! It is our favorite place to go out for dinner! :) Chase Jack all over the place when he decides he wants to "look at stuff" and run away from us.
6:00: Shop at Sams. Kydon takes the kids to browse while I take the cart and enjoy shopping without fielding a million questions, instructions, and requests. Tell the kids to stop climbing in and out of boxes without success.
7:00: Drive home, get kids changed and in their pj's, read stories, help them get to sleep. Unpack the car and put away any frozen or refrigerator items.

7:30: Take my new shoes out for a 3.5 mile run. Yes, I said run in reference to something I was doing. I have no excuse, except that I blame it on my friend, who kept posting facebook updates on her progress doing the couch to 5k program, and it inspired me to run, and then I just kept at it, and now I am running about 3 miles several times a week (I have to walk a little). I would go more often, but my shins are not happy.
8:30: Come back, process and put away the rest of the groceries. Finish the remaining dishes, go outside with Kydon for a garden check, and pick a few veggies for dinner tomorrow.

9:00: Watch TV with Kydon, fold laundry, look through some new recipe books that arrived today, and start my blog post.

10:00: Bedtime!

Today did have a few extra things on our list, but I came to realize that being home with kids means that you are doing "something" just about every minute of the day! I think just the act of writing and recording all that I was doing gave me the peace I needed to get out of my funk! I feel much better today.


camille said...

Wow. Your post made me feel exhausted just reading it! You have a lot of energy, lady!

ali said...

woah. I'm jealous of the "Going to your sisters to chat while the kids swim" part.

I know of pillow parenting, and it's cousin couch parenting-- we are good friends ;)

colleensewnsew said...

Wow --- what a busy day. Thanks for taking some time in it to take care of my dog. I'll never forget the scene of three cute kids sitting in lawn chairs in the driveway waiting for her to come!

Cecilee said...

Your day sounds like ours. Always busy.... Saw your food nanny book. Did you order that? I love her ideas. Tell me more about it. Maybe a blog post. We all need to rescue dinner. ;o)

Rebecca said...

Yay!!! I'm so glad you are running!!! I am hooked. I have to do every other day too or my shins & knees complain. WTG! Sounds like a super busy day. Very productive.

tiffanyfarhner said...

Ok! I now know why I don't have kids yet and why I'm not sure that having them is for me! Holy cow Shana!!! You are one busy woman! I don't think I would last until 10pm. I think the kids would have gone to bed at 5pm and then I would have quickly followed! Good luck my dear! You are definitely my hero!