Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Play Tent

The play tent for the kids is finito completo! This was one of the easiest projects I've done in a long time! I didn't really follow the directions from the link above, I made mine a little easier. :)

I just sewed my two sheets together long-ways, then folded the top edge over to make a casing (think curtain rod). Using the hula hoop as a guide, I cut a big circle out of some extra fabric I had, then sewed the circle to the top of the casing on the sheets.

Then I just threaded the hula hoop on, and wah-lah! Done! I did sew on some ties- I just used my pinking shears to cut some strips, then sewed them in place for the top tie and the closure ties.

This took less than two hours- and that includes ironing the sheets! I have a feeling I won't be seeing two little boys for quite a while!


Jennifer Ricker said...

wait - how did you thread the sheets on the hula hoop? did you pop it apart? how many inches did you add outside the hoop circle? i need to practice more at doing things without a pattern:) glad you are keeping sane this summer!

Rebecca said...

I LOVE this... so much that I might make one (or two) for the boys... Maybe once school starts though.. I can't even think right now. :)

Shanna said...

I added about an inch outside the hoop to allow for the seam. I was really happy to find that the hula hoop had a split in it already, since I knew I wanted to make it that way, but didn't know if it would be bad to cut the hoop. Lucky for me it was a cheap one that already had a split!

I am actually better without a pattern- for some reason having a pattern makes me really nervous and anxious!

Trent Family said...

This is fantastic! I'm going to make this for sure!