Monday, August 9, 2010

2 More Mondays

How we used to roll...3 cute kids in a double stroller!

There are only 2 more Mondays (counting today) until school starts. And we will be out of town most of this week, so that means only about 9 more days of summer.

I'm very sad about that.

I'm also very happy about that.

Summer has pretty much been everything. There were days I went absolutely nuts-o, and days I never wanted to end. And many, many days in between. I have tried my best to have fun- take them on adventures, work on projects, visit places we normally wouldn't have time for. It has been great (except for making them believe that every single day must be packed with something exciting). The kids have enjoyed it, and I have too.

But the house is a wreck. And I haven't helped Kydon one little bit with the kitchen remodel. He is starting to get annoyed. There is work that needs to be done, but I know it won't happen until school is in session and I have time and energy to devote to it all.

My final plans for summer include:
  • Visiting the cyclorama to see the REAL TEXAS. From Aidan's favorite civil war story. He is obsessed with it all, and is very, very excited to meet his idol the train.
  • Take a short trip to Tennessee. We have not had any vacation this summer, trying to save for our kitchen. Kydon decided he couldn't take it, so we planned a long weekend up in the Great Smoky Mountains.
  • Finish the back to school shopping. Abigail needs a few pairs of pants, Jack and Aidan need just one or two more outfits, and the boys are in desperate need of shoes. To keep himself busy in church yesterday, Aidan stuck a pencil in each of the holes in his shoes. I got kinda embarrassed when he had 6 pencils in before he ran out of holes! That is why we don't do a lot of hand-downs to other kids! :)
  • A few more summer activities- swimming, library, fun times with our cousins.

I'm excited for school to start, and I'm also excited to enjoy these last few days. I sure am going to miss them all, but it is a great new adventure for all of us!


Cecilee said...

We have FOUR weeks of summer left. It seems a little weird because everyone else we know is going back in August. So we are doing ANOTHER round of swimming lessons and trying to hold on for a few more weeks of fun! We will be very ready once school finally gets here.
Hope you have a fun trip to TN and good luck with the remodel. It is always such a pain, but so worth it when its all finished!

Shanna said...

Oh man- 4 is way too many! It feels long to me, because last year they started Aug. 8th, and most of the neighboring counties are back already.

Villamor family said...

we just went to the Smokey lovely! We also have one more Monday and although I do not want the get up early/go to bed early my kids need some structure! and i would love to have long periods of interrupted silence. :)