Wednesday, August 11, 2010

The Drive That Lasted All Day Long

We started with the best of intentions... a 5 hour drive to make it to the Great Smoky Mountains in Tennessee. We planned a stop at a state park to check out a waterfall, maybe do some hiking. We weren't in a big hurry.

We took our time leaving the house- a big breakfast, finding all the blankies and toys, and finally started off around 9 am (that is pretty late for us- we are early risers!). 10 minutes into the trip, we made our first potty stop. While waiting for the potty-goers, I remembered all the things I had left at home, so we went back to get it all. At 9:30, we got back on the road, for REAL this time.

I'm not exaggerating when I tell you we made the five hour drive never driving more than 30 minutes without stopping!

Many, many, many potty breaks.

A detour to Walmart when the DVD player (already on its last legs) just would *not* work. Sometimes I feel pathetic that I'm so dependant on stuff like this and don't just tell my kids to suck it up and deal with not having a movie-- I drove to Cali both ways and didn't even have a radio when I was a kid! But despite my patheticness, it just isn't worth it to go without! An oven, sure- no problem- 4 months without it. A DVD Player? Pull over! Gotta get it right NOW!

Daddy's rule of no eating in the car meant breaks for lunch and snacks.

A few more potty breaks (next time I'm going to purposely dehydrate them).

A beautiful State Park where we saw some amazing waterfalls and took a short mile-or-so hike, plus visited the nature center and went to the potty.

We had to turn around and go back after passing a front-yard peach stand and buy a bushel of peaches! I can't wait to make jam and canned peaches (and peach pie and cobbler and crisp) when we get home! We also ate several in the car (much to Daddy's dismay). Those fresh, warm, fuzzy peaches brought back my childhood! I also picked up a couple of hand-crocheted wash cloths. My grandma gave me some years ago, and I loved them until they disintegrated! Plus I like to buy hand made things!

I almost (lucky for you it was only almost) reached for the camera when we pulled off to the side of the road and all 3 males were lined up in pee formation. But the mental picture makes me laugh.

All in all, we arrived around 7 pm- a full 10 hours after we initially started! It wasn't all that bad, but I think we were all just SO ready to be done with the car! We ate a quick dinner, then the kids jumped right into the pool! Swimming at 9:00 pm is how you know that we are on vacation!

And now, everyone is asleep, and I am blogging... life is good!


Construction Professional said...

Wow, I have 3 children myself but I have been seriously avoiding any long travel.

I don't blame you for swimming at 9pm, Did the kids love it?

Jennifer said...

Of course Mom and Dad had us in the back of the truck with the divider window closed. So I don't think they could hear us complain. The 70's version of a dvd player :)

Shanna said...

We absolutely love to travel with our kids. It does get painful at times, but overall they are great. They are 5 and 6 now, and the 10 hours in the car really wasn't bad! (as long as we had the DVD player, of course!)