Monday, August 30, 2010

It's Coming

Soccer Season.

Times 3.

3 Balls. 3 Pairs of cleats. 3 Uniforms (with 6 pairs of socks to lose keep up with).

1 team (thank goodness).

Luckily, there are a few perks of having 3 kids in 15 months, and that is that they can all be on the same soccer team, which means a LOT less running around for me! But pretty soon, we will be practicing every week and going to games every Saturday. And, since our little ones comprise a good percentage of the team, we can't miss anything!


Jennifer Ricker said...'s our first year of soccer and i am excited!! mainly because abby is dressed mostly in pink. i am hoping to get her in to anything that can improve her coordination:)

Ed and Jennifer said...

I'm excited about soccer and hate it at the same time. So busy. Fortunately, Rebecca didn't care to play, but Savannah begged and Jon too. But unfortunately, they don't get to be on the same team. So twice a week practices and 2 different times of games...busy saturdays stink. But it's only 8 weeks long, right? Have fun Jack, Aiden and Abigail!!