Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pigeon Forge, TN

After our marathon-by-choice drive up to Tennessee, we decided to take it easy the next day and just do stuff in the city, saving Dollywood for a day when we could get the kids to bed on time the night before.
So we looked around and picked two things- the Titanic museum, and go-kart driving. We also tricked the kids into a little shopping by eating lunch at the outlet mall.
Abigail is a girl after my own heart- she loved the shopping, and insisted on wearing her new clothes right away!

I have to admit that I was pretty skeptical of the Titanic museum, but it looked better than anything else. I will also admit that I was pleasantly surprised to find it much better than I expected! They had done a really great job with the recreation (parts of this museum were used for the movie), and I loved all the people in costumes and all the information they had.

Of course, no pictures were allowed inside, so we just got a few outside. The kids had listened to "Tonight on the Titanic" Magic Tree House book (we all love those books), so they actually were able to have some sort of framework. And after we went to the museum, we listened to the book again, and they were piping up with all sorts of details they remembered from the museum.
We finished the fun times by stopping at one of the thousand of family fun centers!

They were so excited that there were go-karts they could drive *All By Themselves* without a grown up. Granted, it wasn't the wild and crazy track that covered 3 levels, but at least they could do it alone. (I was glad for that as well).
Go Kart driving is serious business!

Abigail was a little timid the first lap or two, but she quickly found her stride and got really into it.
The place was pretty empty, so I think we got in a few extra laps, since there wasn't anyone else waiting to go on the ride.

This is the face of dreams coming true! His only disappointment was that we weren't going to spent the entire day letting him drive around.

We decided to stop at Walmart for a frozen pizza rather than eating out again, so we made a quick stop. It was a few minutes too long for one child, and Aidan completely lost it. No vacation is complete without a major fit in Walmart, right?
I thought it was so funny that he was crying so hard, yet still eating his ring pop we had tried to bribe him with! The blue mess around his mouth combined with all the redness and tears was cracking us up! I know, we are mean!
But isn't it funny?

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