Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Second Day of School Party

We had a great Second-Day-Of-School-Party!

What? You don't celebrate the second day of school? You didn't even know it was a holiday?

Well, now you know!

We decided to go bowling for our family night/ second day celebration. The kids have just done so wonderful in school so far that we felt they deserved a special treat. :)

Everyone had fun... although the ending was a bit rough because unfortunately not everyone can score the most points!

But thowing big heavy balls down a lane trying to knock something down was quite enjoyable!
And, after the kids were in bed, Kydon and I had a little second day party of our own!


ali said...

The second day of school is a big deal around here, I'm much more organized for the second day than I am for the first, and all my kids pictures are on the second day ;)

Valeni said...

What a good tradition to start! The bowling looked like fun and it was good to see Kydon in the pictures. What a great Dad. Looking forward to hearing more stories about how things are going at school.